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If you are planning on coming to Nepal and would like to learn the age old art of Thangka painting then we can help you. Spend some time with one of our artists and learn how to paint a Thangka. Our painting courses last for one day to a week for basic teachings and a month for more for in-depth painting skills and Thangka Knowledge. It's a great way to learn something about Buddhism and the many deities and Buddha's. At the end of any course you will get to take home your very own hand painted Thangka. Along the way you will also learn more about Buddist art and the Deity in the Thangka you are painting, Buddhism symbolism and art styles and techniques.

Course Prices

2 Days Basic POA
1 Week Intermediate POA
4 Week Advanced POA

The price includes, one on one training 4 hours per day, development of painting skills, Thangka History teachings, All Materials, tea and coffee and your own Thangka that you have painted plus a special 15 % on any Thangka purchased from our Thangka Center at the end of your course.

For more information or bookings please contact us.
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