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Tsongkhapa Thangka
Tsongkhapa lived in the 14th century A.D. in the Amdo province of Tibet. Tsongkhapa was born in Tibet in the middle of the fourteen century and it is said that the tree which overshadowed the house in which he was born had the imprint of a Buddha on its leaves. Tsongkhapa was Northern Buddhist reformer. He was the founder and reformer of Gelugpa sect. He founded the Gelugpa sect which became very popular in Tibet and has remained the most important sect upto the present day. He is regarded as an incarnation of Manjushri who is the embodiment of wisdom. Lord Buddha had prophesied that Sumati would come to Tibet and diffuse his doctrine there. He obtained the ordination of monk hood in his early age and commenced to study Buddha's doctrine. He traveled to central Tibet for higher education on Buddha's teachings. He deeply studied both Sutra and Tantra for many years. Randawa was his chief teacher, from whom he specially learnt Madhyamika philosophy expounded by Nagarjuna.

Tsongkhapa Thangka
Size: 49 x 38 cm
Price: $0
Tsongkhapa Thangka
Size: 56 x 39 cm
Price: $ 0
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