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Mandala simply circle in Buddhist religion is called Mandala . Mandala it is used for the method of meditation which culminates the insight force for attaining” SIDDI”, This practice exercise by the tantric saints. Many Buddhist people called cosmic diagram, Universe where human being has been take place. Mandala painted by so many color some of them stone pigment color some poster and Acralic sometimes they used to paint by pure gold , and there is many god-goddess which god is in the centre we called same god Mandala for example if there is Buddha is in the centre then we called Buddha Mandala similarly we can put any god and goddess in the centre it can be Tara, Buddha Kali many others.

Mandala it is painted on Canvas cotton the Artist prepare the canvas used by a kinds of mud (clay) and glue.The graph designed within the square represent various obstacles of impurities which has to cleansed to reach at the innermost part where lotus place is. The lotus place represent ultimate attainment.

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