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Kala Chakra
Tibetans revere this ephemeral particle mandala as asecred object in itself. They believe that healing to the ordinary person,and is the subliminal trigger of the visualization power of the initate. They believe that anyone of the who behold it with good will and faith will be reborn during the Tibet “New Age” time of fruition known as the golden Age of Shambhala . And ,most generally they believe that just to behold it plants a genetic impulse toward enlightenment in the mind stream of any sentient being. In text, it is said that mandala can be painted, made of particle, made of Samadhi- of the subtle stuff of inwardly visualized imagery – or made in the visionary restructuring of the human nervous system .

In the special case of the Kalachakra, there is a fifth type of the mandala, the architectural ,three dimensional mandala made of wood ,jewells, clay or others substances . it is believe that the two –dimensional mandala have a remarkable power to intensify the power of the imagination of the beholder , to stimulate the confident creativity need by the practitioner to visualize the three-dimensional mandala. In looking at such mandala, it is helpful to remember that they are model for contemplative visualization practice. The adept develop the ability, through stabilized concentration and cultivated inner vision, to see him or herself as present within a perfected environment, a majesty place made of pure jewel- light substance, surrounded by perfected companions and completely secure from and ordinary disturbance or interference . This kind of Idea aesthetic environment is not considered an end in itself, but is only to physical situation needed for the perfection-stage yogas of unfolding the deepest inner sensitivities of the central nervous system.

Kala Chakra
Size: 40 x 40 cm
Price: $0
Size: 27x27 cm
Price: $ 0

Kala Chakra Mandala
Size: 40 cm x 40 cm
price: 0
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